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Configuration Security Session
Last updated 5 months ago.

I found a solution:

This answer is for all the people who have already used {{ csrf_field() }} after the <form> tag in their view.blade.php file and have also run the php artisan key:generate command but are still getting the Token Mismatch error. These are the steps I took to resolve the TokenMismatchException error for one of my projects that was still in development.

Delete cache files from the following two folders within your laravel project:


After removing the cache files, clear your browser cache.

And everyone who uses {{Auth::user()->somefield}} everyone must check the authentication site visitors, for example:

var auth = 0;
     var auth = '{{Auth::user()->name}}';

And then problem will disappear.

It's mean that web-programmer shouldn't do something like:

//Just for example..
Last updated 6 years ago.

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