Track visitors

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've looked at all the packages and none of them seems to fit my needs.

How do you guys track your visitors and how do you guys display it?

What I want is to be able to display to certain higher level users their visitors, unique visitors and bounce rate. Got any ideas?

  • 2 years ago

I use Google Analytics. It is able to track all of the information you have requested and more. Works great for our needs.

Ok, what do you use to display this information to your users?

Mixpanel does this beautifully. We track users on it. So MixPanel is like google analytics but here you can track any custom event. While tracking, you can also push, who you are tracking and other properties you can/will record in JS and want to keep a record of, like page on time, page view, etc. In my Dashboard, i just map the logged in user-id (non identifiable Hash of his email ID) to the mixpanel .People.

joy014, Google Analytics can do that too. You need to use the user id feature added in the new release.

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