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Database Blade Installation
Last updated 1 year ago.

It will have to get the data anyway. The only other way would be to get your data in the same query using a SQL Join but I think you would have to build that query yourself.

If you have multiple datasets you can reduce the number of queries by taking advantage of Eager Loading - but that will only reduce the number of queries from x to 2 so in your case it wouldn't make a difference :)


Not sure it's better, but something like:

$user = User::with('Address')->find(Auth::user()->id)->get();

I'm not able to test the syntax atm, but something like this should eager load the Address. Thou you're still gonna end up with 2 queries.


Aha.. Thanks guys. Im actually new to laravel. I was having multiple queries at some other pages (without eager loading) and after reading about eager loading this has solved the problem. Thanks for pointing out about eager loading. :)


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