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Input Database Eloquent
Last updated 10 months ago.

It is being set automatically after you save the model : $spot->id is available after you save or create a model

Last updated 10 months ago.


oh wow, that was less painful than expected.

follow up question, how would i include the new $spot_id along with:

$tag = Tag::create(array_only($tagData, ['user_id', 'tag_name']));

I've tried this to no avail

//create spot
		$spot = new Spot;
        $spot->user_id 			= Input::get('user_id');
        $spot->latitude 		= Input::get('lat');
        $spot->longitude 		= Input::get('lng');
        $spot->spot_name		= Input::get('spot_name');
        $spot->location_notes 	= Input::get('location_notes');
        $spot->comments 		= Input::get('comments');

        //get spot_id for tags table
        $spot_id = $spot->spot_id;

        //dynamic tags
		$tags = Input::get('tags');
		foreach ((array) $tags as $tagData)
			$tag = new Tag;
			$tag->spot_id = $spot_id;
			$tag->user_id = Input::get(array_only($tagData, ['user_id']));
			$tag->tag_name = Input::get(array_only($tagData, ['tag_name']));

I'm not sure on the eloquent syntax to handle this. I've made a new column in my database to accommodate it.

Last updated 10 months ago.

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