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posted 7 years ago

Pelastic ODM

Hi everyone, We came up to create an ODM for Elasticsearch what is your idea on that?. The need came...

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posted 8 years ago

Caching Dependency Injection Container

What's your idea on caching heavy calculations of IoC Container into a file or a php config? Special...

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[Package] Laravel 5 MongoDB Auth Driver

A native driver which uses Auth::extend and does not require any additional MongoDB related package....

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Repository Responses

Hi everyone, What is your approach for repository methods responses ? returning Eloquent models or...

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Better architecture for the process of searching results from an Elasticsearch server

I am refactoring one our search endpoints in our application. Number of Input parameters that effect...

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replied 8 years ago

Coding php in laravel4.2 from UML2.0 diagrams & logic model designing to coding with laravel4.2 on UML2.0

Laravel performs as an access layer for your business, you can try to implement your UML usecase/cla...

replied 8 years ago

Laravel Repositories and Eloquent ORM.

We had a fight on this in our team :)) , finally we found out that by returning the eloquent model f...

replied 8 years ago

Deleting a Job from queue outside of worker

the $job->delete() method uses redis client zrem($listName, $job) to delete the job from redis ,...

replied 8 years ago

Retrieving primary key after row insertion

It is being set automatically after you save the model : $spot->id is available after you save or...

replied 9 years ago

Performance and Laravel Queues

Queue will sleep if there is no job in the the queue bag . you may also use with queue subs...


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