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IOC Packages Architecture
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acemary4918 said:

To change a Header's content you should know what type of header it is and then call it's appropriate setter method. All headers also have a setFieldBodyModel() method that accepts a mixed parameter and delegates to the correct setter.

To modify an existing header:

Get the HeaderSet from the entity by via its getHeaders() method. Get the Header by using the HeaderSet's get(). Call the Header's appropriate setter method or call the header's setFieldBodyModel() method.

Dude, what is that answer? Not related to question at all.. I still need help with this one as I didn't manage to get it working.. Please someone :)


Changing the behavior is not easy there is a solution with service providers.

Basically if you go to app.php there is a mail service provider create your own mail service provider and extends to the laravel service provider and then you will be able to change the instantiate classes

However laravel has events for the emails that are sent t


I will try your solution, however I have no Idea how.. I will google that. PS: Your answer seems to be incomplete (about the events), is there anything important I should know?


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