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Configuration Requests Input
Last updated 10 months ago.

Yes the url is set in config/app.php


I asking because i want to access to the website from another domain.

Is it possible? How can i do that?


You can do this 2 ways.

You can point as many domains to your laravel application as you wish by setting an A record for your domain name wherever your domain is registered to the server IP that is hosting your server


Set your domain name servers and create the record on your server DNS. (Much more complicated)


Ok, thanks.

I pointed one domain name to my laravel application.

Can I use this domain to navigate into my laravel application?


From reading more posts than the opening one, seems to me you have several DNS and want to point them to one. For example:,,, and you want all them to show This is web server related which depends on what web server you are running. Most people probably run nginx nowadays, I run apache2. In apache2 cd into /etc/apache2 and add all DNS to sites-available.conf - which will result in 3 server names but only one DocumentRoot - all your three domains now point to the same website.


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