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Authentication Eloquent Architecture
Last updated 3 months ago.

I want to separate the user table and put it into it's own database - so essentially the script will use two databases at the same time. My reason for this is because I have other identical scripts on the server with which I want to link the user data together.

It is possible to use multiple databases in one Laravel app. I'm using two databases in one of my Laravel 4 apps currently.

But the user tables have to be manually updated and I don't have access to cron jobs to automate this.

I think there are ways to not need a cron job.

So I need the user tables in a seperate database allowing all the scripts to read from the same table. Am I making any sense?


Is there a way of doing this, if so what do I need to modify?

I would say maybe, yes. It is difficult to say what to do without just guessing on a lot of information.

You can run the user table directly in the second database, which is how I am doing my shared site authentication.

Or maybe some code in that would "clone" whatever happens on the original table to the second, more complicated but possible.

Just a couple ideas but will need more info about the setup to really suggest a solution.

Hope that helps some

Last updated 3 months ago.

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