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Thanks mate! I'm going to test this out soon enough I hope.


I've just realized the first version of my solution only works for simplePaginate() function. Hiding the .pagination links as a callback prevents the use of autoTriggerUntil at which point the user will need the pagination links to click

My first solution was to check the current page of the pagination links and wrap the .hide() in an if check-

add the new line to your jscroll init autoTriggerUntil: 3 then inside the callback function add

var pagi = $("ul.pagination:visible:first");
(pagi.find("").text() >= 3) ? null : pagi.hide();

or something like that

Last updated 9 years ago.

Hey thanks for the code. I think it will be great once I get it to work. Just trying to figure out line 14: data-url="{{url('link/'.$link->slug)}} not sure what I'm supposed to put in there. Your help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


I have implemented jscroll with laravel pagination and it is working fine. but I am facing another issue with the slideshow. for the posts I am using slideshow. If I click on any item on page a slideshow will open. this is not working from second page onward. for first page it is working.


The javascript doesn't seem to work from the second page onwards. Can anyone help?

@deepakhtsb did you find the solution to your problem?

@QwisoDev Can you suggest something?


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