Aimeos E-Commerce Package 2018.04 With Subscriptions

Hi there

The Aimeos Open Source project released version 2018.04 of their e-commerce components for Laravel. This is the first 2018 stable release and contains some major improvements.

The most important changes are:

  • Complete subscription support
  • CSV importer for categories
  • Catalog filter subparts are available as single components
  • Improvements for bulding market places
  • Image properties for attributes/categories/services/suppliers
  • Log message panel in admin interface
  • Various improvements in the admin interface
  • Manager decorators can modify availability of items

The 2018.04 release supports reoccurring subscriptions of all product types including configurable, customized and optional parts. It's not only available in the HTML frontend but also for the JSON REST API. Reoccurring payments are executed based on tokens if the payment gateway supports them.

It's also possible to export subscriptions into CSV format like it's available for orders. The other way round, categories can be imported from CSV files too:

In the HTML front-end, the catalog filter subparts are now available as single components too (search, tree and attributes). Empty attribute facets are automatically hidden and more information is shown in the detail view. For market place setups you can define the site that contains the basket now.

The admin interface got some major improvements. The new log message panel gives you detailed insights if errors have occured. Product variant attributes are now added automatically to images for changing pictures of selection products in the frontend and images of copied products are not overwritten any more. Additionally, some bugs have been fixed in the catalog and order panel. In multi-site setups, super users can see and switch between all sites now.

There are some improvements in the core too. You can store arbitrary image properties for attributes, categories, services and suppliers. Decorators for managers can modify the availability of items and handling list items has been improved. It's now easier to create a setup task to add own data to database tables like new types.

The full source code and more information about Aimeos:

  • Code:
  • Web:
  • News:
  • Twitter: @aimeos

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