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I think you'll have to take this up with the package maintainer to have them change that behavior.

If you're using queue:listen like in that linked GitHub issue, the problem may be that the queue:listen command creates sub-processes (separate queue:work commands) that don't seem to inherit the parent's environment variables.



Thanks for your reply!

I am not the maintainer of the package, but a contributor writing a PR. And this isn't a problem with the package. The package is just vanilla php. It's definitely an issue with Laravel. But I will look into what you suggested. Thanks.


Well, I can't find anywhere in Laravel empties the $_ENV global, but there are definitely circumstances around the DotEnv package + how processes work that might be making $_ENV empty in some cases.

Perhaps your AppServiceProvider can set $_ENV['foo'] = 'bar'; with the appropriate key/variable if it finds that variable it's not already set.



Thanks for commenting again!

And yea, I'll have to find some other option, like binding to the container in a service provider like you have suggested.

But there is a ton of issues out there referencing this behavior with $_ENV.

One here.


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