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posted 3 years ago
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You can start with these laravel tutorials.

Last updated 3 years ago.

I learnt with this

Very effective. but there are lot more laravel tutorial you can find in youtube. Channel - Coders Tape, Laravel Business

They are very helpful. Thanks


Laravel will be the best choice. You can check here the Codeigniter vs Laravel article with clear differences and comparisons.

Last updated 3 years ago.

Laravel and CodeIgniter are the most secure, scalable and famous PHP Framework.

CodeIgniter is like the WordPress of PHP frameworks. Sure, you can use it. But you'll actually not "learn" anything. CodeIgniter is bad practice from the bottom up because CodeIgniter built for those developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

My recommendation for you is the Laravel framework because. It's a complete framework which means that most of the features that you will need from a framework are already integrated with it. Things like authentication, templating, pagination, database helpers, queues, database migrations, security. it even comes with a command-line tool called artisan, which you can use to do some repetitive tasks for you. Laravel is like young and modern technology which updated versions are coming back to back.

Best Laravel Features that make Laravel top PHP Framework:

  1. Object-Oriented Libraries
  2. MVC Architecture Support
  3. Awesome Documentation
  4. Strong Community Platforms
  5. Multiple File System
  6. Blade Templating Engine
  7. Advanced Authentication and Authorization

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