Database Strict Mode

Hello, I'm little wonder please help me out.

My query is :- Invoice::join('orders', 'orders.invoice_id', '=', '')->groupBy('')->get();

Then I have got an error : - Syntax error or access violation: 1055 'invoices.reference_number' isn't in GROUP BY

When I updated my query according to error then the query is:-

$invoices = Invoice::join('orders', 'orders.invoice_id', '=', '')->groupBy('','invoices.reference_number','invoices.customer_address_id','invoices.country_id','invoices.paid_at','invoices.due_date','invoices.created_at','invoices.updated_at','invoices.deleted_at','','orders.currency_id','orders.user_id','orders.customer_id','orders.created_at','invoices.updated_at')->get();

Now query working but in that case, I can't use select(), It returns columns who is in the groupBy()

So I did google then found if I do database strict mode off then it will work and then I did and it's working good, But I don't want strict mode turned off.

Also, i did the study about database modes

Then I found query:- SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode; SELECT @@SESSION.sql_mode;

But the result is blank

If I do in the database - ** select * from invoices inner join orders on orders.invoice_id = where invoices.deleted_at is null group by **

Then it's working fine means no mode validations trough mySQL it has configured side of laravel

Also, i haven't found related database modes in laravel documentation

So help me out if I did wrong something.

And i also want to know who's database strict mode validation is enabled in laravel because I have wonder what strict validation giving me an error.

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