Database Transaction for static methods

Hi, I've been trying to use database transactions with some static functions I created. But, is this the wrong way of doing it? I can't seem to get the database transaction to rollback on error.

In Controller

            $transaction = BankHelper::transfer($authBank, $receiverBank, $amount);
            if ($transaction != -1) {
                BankHelper::writeFeed($authUser, $receiver, $request->input('title'), 
                    $request->input('description'), $transaction);
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            return response()->json('Could not deliver the Mo:Mo', 500);

In BankHelper.php

    public static function transfer(Momobank $sender, Momobank $receiver, $amount) {

        $transaction = -1;
        if ($sender->raw < $amount)
            return -1;

        $receiver->cooked = $receiver->cooked + $amount;
        $sender->raw = $sender->raw - $amount;
        $transaction = BankHelper::writeTransaction($sender, $receiver, $amount, true);

        return $transaction;

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