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Laravel Installation
Last updated 3 months ago.

Do you see more information in the log files? ( in storage/logs )


There is nothing in storage/logs. More over I tried opening a new project with: v7 - creating it passed successfully but if failed to open the default welcome page v6 - everything works smoothly


Strange, you can try to run composer clearcache and try it again (if any package in your cache is corrupt it could create an error)

Else I honestly don't know.


in root try it laravel new projname --force


I want to believe there is a problem with Composer. Because when creating a new project, it is impossible to have a problem originating from Laravel. My recommendation is to re-install Laravel's files by deleting composer from UserData from the directory where the globally received data is stored.


Did you try to check Laravel's logs folder or Apache's logs?

I noticed that there is a spelling mistake exist in your command.

Please try to reinstall Laravel using this command:

composer create-project laravel/laravel proj-name


I have tried few more times with various setups and ended up with same results (all in windows 10 env). What I did is install virtualbox with ubuntu 20.04 and everything went smoothly.


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