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Last updated 2 years ago.

You don't specify which line is actually throwing the error, but it probably either the collection-filter or the foreach loop.

In either of those two lines, conversation_interlocutors doesn't exist. That means the user may or may not have a conversation attached? Maybe a message was deleted 'the wrong way' so your system crashes?

Maybe the easy solution is to just check if the conversation_interlocutors exist before returning and pushing them:

$filtered = $collections->filter(function ($collection) {
    if (isset($collection->user->conversation_interlocutors)) {
        return $collection->user->conversation_interlocutors;

foreach ($filtered as $filter) {
    if (isset($filter->user->conversation_interlocutors)) {

That way, you're making sure you are only working with existing data, even if the database has been corrupted somehow.


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