Having error while using foreign

Akshat Nayak posted 1 week ago

Illuminate\Database\QueryException : SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table realtimeapp.#sql-1e4_a8 (errno: 150 "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed") (SQL: alter table replies add constraint replies_question_id_foreign foreign key (question_id) references questions (id) on delete cascade)


<?php use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema; use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint; use Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration; class CreateRepliesTable extends Migration { /** * Run the migrations. * * @return void */ public function up() { Schema::create('replies', function (Blueprint $table) { $table->bigIncrements('id'); $table->text('body'); $table->integer('question_id')->unsigned(); $table->integer('user_id')->unsigned(); **$table->foreign('question_id')->references('id')->on('questions')->onDelete('cascade');**#when question is deleted delete replies $table->timestamps(); }); } /** * Reverse the migrations. * * @return void */ public function down() { Schema::dropIfExists('replies'); } }
Tobias van Beek replied 1 week ago

@akshatvishu can you place it next time in a code block, that is more readable :)

What is the type of the questions id column? I see that the question_id is an integer. If the id column on questions is a big integer you need to change the question_id to the same.

Akshat Nayak replied 1 week ago

'id' column on question is this; $table->bigIncrements('id');

Tobias van Beek replied 1 week ago

Then the question_id column need to be:


Or short:

Ahmed Sohel replied 1 week ago

or change $table->bigIncrements('id') to $table->increments('id');

Katie Bell replied 5 hours ago

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