Hesitant to start project along the lines of YachtWorld; help?

chimmel posted 9 months ago

I want to build a comprehensive practice project. I am a virtual Laravel virgin. This project will include components such as listings (models= manufacturer, model, boat), locations, users (roles= admin, broker, editor, guest), events (models= event, event_category), blog (models= blog_post, blog_category, blog_tag, blog_comment?), a contact page (with model=social_network for those?), boats browser, dealership page, admin portal, account management, and other various flat pages.

My biggest fear is beginning and then finding that I need to start over. I was considering a modular approach, given the relative complexity of the project (compared to a basic app) and came across these packages:

Do you have experience with any of these? I'm leaning towards Laravel-Modules. What are your thoughts or what is your experience when building similar projects?

Also I want to integrate multiple languages, probably after getting a foundation up. Is this viable, or should I include translation and localization from the start? I found this article, 10 Best Laravel packages for multilanguage projects, which concludes that the best package for Models translation is Laravel Translatable, and then the best one for routes and middlewares is Laravel Localization... Should both be used together? What's the best place to start? Google Translate can pretty much handle most of it, right? And is there any downside with regards to SEO when localizing URLs?

Thank you sorry, insecure super newbie

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