how to connect my laravel project with phpmyadmin

Hello Guys, i'm newbie on laravel, and i want to know how can i use laravel with mysql through phpmyadmin, thank you

Aaqib Mehran replied 5 months ago

You can connect your database using .env file present in the root folder of laravel installation. Just put your database credentials (DB name, username, password) there.

Pardeeptech replied 5 months ago

I suggest you to follow this article steps for Laravel installation step by step on localhost
Cameron replied 5 months ago

What is your hosting environment? Are you using something like xaamp or are you using Homestead?

I'm running laravel homestead via virtualbox for one project and straight nginx/mariadb via ubunutu on another project on a different machine. I use mysqlworkbench for both. It's great for working with databases.

Kosha Shah replied 5 months ago

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Mayur Dere replied 4 months ago

You have to edit .env files. You have to add the database name, database user and database password if exists. Once you save it, you need to hit a command in the terminal 'php artisan serve'(Without quotes). Whenever you edit the .env file, make sure to hit that command. Thankyou. -Mayur

Leighton Burley replied 1 month ago

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