How to resolve "Whoops, looks like something went wrong"

I am new in Laravel 5. I realized that Each time I try to do a password reset. or create a new account or login occasionally on my site created with Laravel. I encounter the error with this link: Error message is Whoops, looks like something went wrong.Kindly assist

Cameron replied 3 weeks ago

Usually that means your app is in production mode and debug is off. You can turn mode to local and debug true in your .env or view the storage/logs/laravel.log to see what error was happening

Damian Ihemadu replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks Cameron for your response. You are a life saver. It worked. Meanwhile do i need to delete the env.example and any site or resource were I can get more guide on resolving errors in Laravel. Erros in the Log seems to be much. Thanks

Cameron replied 3 weeks ago

i use laravel telescope , it's pretty nice for debugging as well.

Cameron replied 3 weeks ago

the error shown should be a good pointer into what was going wrong with your password reset controller

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