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Laravel Installation
Last updated 2 years ago.
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The curl command pipes the result from to bash and execute it.

If I read the web routes url that you provided you can see that example-app can be anything you want to change the name. And you can add a php variable to the url to change the PHP version. (Example: )

But it will always execute the laravel new command form the Laravel installer. ( )

And that will be the latest version.

So in short: You can't create a project for an older Laravel version with the sail / curl install method.

(Personally I should advice you to create every new project with the latest version but I don't know your reasons to use an older version.)

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Thanks, tvbeek.

I too think you are right that the latest version should be used. I will suggest to the company to use 9.x.

Please help me if I have any more questions after using 9.x. :)

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@slinkmagic If you post your questions on this forum you have a good change to get an answer :)


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