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Hey @Mehdi Ahmadi,

Laravel is a PHP Framework. Which provides you a better start of creating Web Application, API for Mobile Application, etc. It is a progressive Framework that grows with you.

Laravel Framework provides a variety of tools that helps you to build the web application very faster than you think. Meet Laravel from here: [](

You can learn laravel without any cost from here: Laracast [](

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Hi Mehdi Ahmadi,

Laravel Framework is one of the world’s most popular PHP framework for building web applications from small to large projects. with an expressive, elegant syntax.

It provides a modular packaging system that allows developers to build applications with optimized web features. Laravel framework provides a structure and starting point for creating your web application, API for Mobile Application, etc. It's allowing you to focus on creating something amazing.

What makes it such a great tool or a Framework? The short answer: built-in tools, libraries, and commands that make it easier than ever to build modern, scalable, secure, real-time web applications.

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