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Authentication Laravel Requests
Last updated 2 years ago.

Make sure that in your config/auth you have this:

'guards' => [
		'web' => [
				'driver' => 'session',
				'provider' => 'users',

		'api' => [
				'driver' => 'passport',
				'provider' => 'users',
	Then your API routes should be protected like this:
Route::group(['prefix' => 'v1', 'middleware' => ['auth:api'], function () {

	Now from here:
Path Customization

When a user is successfully authenticated, they will be redirected to the /home URI. You can customize the post-authentication redirect location by defining a redirectTo property on the LoginController, RegisterController, ResetPasswordController, and VerificationController:

protected $redirectTo = '/'; Next, you should modify the RedirectIfAuthenticated middleware's handle method to use your new URI when redirecting the user.

If the redirect path needs custom generation logic you may define a redirectTo method instead of a redirectTo property:

protected function redirectTo() { return '/path'; }

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