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Last updated 2 years ago.

I have tried Bagisto for creating a Laravel PWA ecommerce . The problem with Bagisto, in my opnion, is that they are trying to do a lot of things with a single platform. But their focus is mostly on ecommerce features. You can create PWA on Bagisto or even a multi-tenant SaaS app. But these two are possible with their paid extension.



You are right that Bagisto focuses more on eCommerce but we are also trying to build extensions or plugin in and around eCommerce ecosystem only which will extend the capability of your online shop.

Bagisto is an opensource project so you can use and customize the way you want. You can build anything from PWA to Multi-Tenant SaaS Apps, POS etc. Many developers have built shipping extensions for bagisto and many are on the verge of building themes, extensions etc. Yes, we have already built the PWA and multi-tenant app so you just need to purchase and use like the plug-and-play extension which for sure save a lot of your development time. But if you want to build something like of your own, you are free to do that.


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