Laravel not forcing SSL after artisan restart

I have an emergency with some Laravel code on a production server. Let's get it out of the way: horrible. I don't know what I was thinking. It's done now. And now I've got a broken website, a EC2 backup from June on AWS, wherein the code hasn't been updated very often, and that would probably be the last working copy, and I also have a copy of the most recent database. I'm not an expert in Laravel and still learning, so I am desperate for guidance on this issue.

After running php artisan queue:restart

I'm guessing that this code forced "workers" to stop working, but they never restarted. I attempted to try php artisan up and attempted to clear the artisan cache, but nothing fixed it.

It seems the whole website lost its ability to force SSL, preventing everything from working. After reading up on how to force SSL and trying every method from Stackoverflow and other places, I managed to change asset(...) to secure_asset(...) and this helped the pages load again, but all of the forms still point to http, which makes the page secure but the post page insecure, rendering it useless, as it will not update database.

Can anyone provide some insight or direction? Should I attempt to restore from that EC2 backup and then just re-import the database? Or am I just missing something in the code? Thanks for any help!

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