Lumen hashing config

Hello everybody, I've been playing around with Lumen for a bit, does anyone know how to change the hashing drivers on Lumen? I've tried adding config to the .env file, I've tried adding config to the bootstrap/app.php file, I even tried to hard code the drivers but nothing works, the default is Bcrypt, I'm trying to make it use Argon instead, Illuminate has the drivers, I just can't switch them.

Anyone have any ideas?

Kim Hallberg replied 5 months ago Solution

The question has now been solved thanks to a hint of using a Service Provider, so after some googling I found a good match with a Service Provider that loads config files, that way I can just use the original Laravel hashing config in Lumen to change the hash drivers from Bcrypt to Argon.

So if anyone wants to use Argon instead of Bcrypt in Lumen, here's a repository for it;

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