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Installing Laravel/Lumen with Composer (Apache2 VirtualHost)

Hello, I'm sorry, I speak a little English. My /etc/apache2/sites-available/ file: &...

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Laravel/Lumen Router

Hello, I'm sorry, I speak a little English. Why not works? File: /routes/web.php <?php $router-&...

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What is the DocumentRoot directory (Laravel/Lumen)?

Hello, I'm sorry, I speak a little English. What is the Laravel/Lumen DocumentRoot directory? Exampl...

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Accessor in relation manyToMany

Hello, I have a ManyToMany relation and I have selected the fields that I want to display via the pi...

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Lumen-generator Installation conflictlum

Hi Everyone, Hope you all doing good.I am newbie for lumen as i have to create api's for a mobile ap...

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Use laravel passport in lumen 8 with mongodb

Hello, I want to use laravel passport in lumen 8 with mongodb For that i USE jenssegers/mongodb modu...

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Generated passport token is not verified by earlier passport

Provider Passport Version: 10.1.3 Provider Lumen Version: 8.2.7 Provider PHP Version: 8.1 Consumer...

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How to set a session flash message in lumen 8?

I am trying to set a session flash message in blade file in lumen 8. However it's stated a pervious...

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Select in Lumen/Laravel

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I need some help. My English is not that good, so I hope my sentences...

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Nginx Configuration

Hi all, I'm creating a web server on my machine running Ubuntu20.04 in a VM. I already installed the...

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use eloquent model in lumen scheduler

I using eloquent model in lumen scheduler but show error Call to a member function connection() on n...

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Lumen job queue - ShouldBeUnique allows duplicate jobs?

Hi all - I'm very new to Lumen so apologies if this is a bit of a boneheaded enquiry. I'm using Lume...

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Implementing a Microservice Architectecture With Laravel 8

I am looking for information on how one would go about implementing a microservice architecture usin...

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Upgrade laravel 5.8 to 6.0, new routes not working

Hi, I am trying to upgrade lumen/laravel from 5.8 to 6.0 version. I have changed the composer.json f...

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set 'timezone' in config/app.php not work

laravel/lumen (v6.0.0) laravel/lumen-framework (v6.2.0) Enter the following into the file 'config/ap...

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Laravel Websockets

We have two servers, one handling GPS device requests using Node JS, from where the details of the d...

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2 years ago

How to Override method json on ResponseFactory.php in Lumen

I want to display the output of the json method using the json overwrite camleCase.   To do this, I...

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Lumen storing images error: Path is outside of the defined r

I am trying to accept an image in my frontend react app to my api and then store it back into a path...

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Calling a PHP Lumen Backend from a React frontend

So basically I have use Lumens as my backend api (at localhost:8000). Now on my frontend React app (...

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Help for creating a RESTful API with Lumen

I think some users of Lumen are creating their first REST API. It would be nice have links like http...

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