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Hello @azim1728

Do you get redirected to the same page or between multiple pages? That can make a different where you need to check it :)

Small sidenote, you can get the user with $request->user();


Hey @tvbeek ,

I get redirected to the same page even if I am on that particular page.

Thanks for your sidenote.


I see 2 possible reasons:

  1. $request->route()->getName() result in another name then any name in the array. You could check it with a dd() in the if statement.
  2. There is another middleware that result in a new redirect, you could check it with a dd() before the next to see if you are there.


    public function handle(Request $request, Closure $next): Response
        $user = auth()->user();

        if ($user && $user->passwordChangedAt === null && !$this->shouldExcludeRoute($request)) {
            dd('name mismatch', $request->route()->getName(),);
            return redirect()->route('');
        dd('we execute next, that means the problem is not in this middleware.');
        return $next($request);

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