Restful service from external api

Nenad Sijan posted 10 months ago

Dear guys

First i wanna apologise if my question is stupid but i'm new to Laravel.So i have project for my bachelor thesis which i have to develop.So project consist 2 parts: 1 part is created by colleague in spring mvc where he will send json data through restfull service 2 part is my part.Here i have to consume that data and create real time chart, also my app should have login and logott system with administrator panel. Now i found lot of resource for creating login and logout system and that is not problem.My question is, is it possible to consume on frontend(view) of laravel external api(from spring mvc) via angular,react or ajax(jquery) ? If is possible can you me tell some good learning resources. Again really sorry for this type of question but i'm totally under pressure because my bachelor thesis depends of this project.

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