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Laravel Database Eloquent
Last updated 2 years ago.

Rather than looping over every item in the DB, can you run a select query to check for duplicates? I don't know exactly what you're trying to compare, but something like this might do the trick:


@Ben Sampson , I have to insert new user to the table which contains 5 million records. I have to check whether this new user is already present in table or not. If not, then insert user else update his rating.


Ok, I would approach it by looping over each new user to be added (can't tell if you're adding just 1 or more than 1 user at a time). You can run a select query to see if they exist in the table already, if they do, update them. If they don't then insert them.


@Ben Sampson,Thanks. will approach as same as you.


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