Run php artisan:queue as symfony process

Loïc Lopez posted 11 months ago

I try to run

php artisan queue:work

as a symfony process so i made a class and in this class i have a variable :

 * @var Process
private static $jobWorkerProcess; 

and after in a public static method i do :

if (!isset(self::$jobWorkerProcess))
        self::$jobWorkerProcess = new Process('php artisan queue:work &', base_path());

i also created a public static method to get process log :

public static function getQueueWorkerLog()
    if (isset(self::$jobWorkerProcess))
        return self::$jobWorkerProcess->getProcess()->getOutput();
        return 'jobWorkerProcess is null';

but getQueueWorkerLog() return 'jobWorkerProcess is null'.

It is possible to create the queue worker through symfony process?

Thanks for reply.

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