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posted 2 years ago
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Hello Maverick,

Making a SAAS from an existing project can be an easy task or a very difficult one depending on the situation.

I should start with the writing down the requirements en for each part see what need to be done to fulfill the requirement. Then you can prioritize and maybe remove some parts that aren't needed to make the first version less difficult to create.

Another question will if there are test for your project, if not taking over will be more difficult because you have nothing to verify the working.

It can be a nice adventure or a big pain. Good luck :)

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Thanks for your answer!

more details.

it's an already existing project the app has been marketed to 2 companies but each time he has a new client or wants to modify a feature for example, he will have to modify the content of the code and database for each client. he therefore seeks to make a saasification to directly generate a new instance when he has a new client on laravel 6 (5.8 more precisely) and tenancy. for the moment I add that I am looking to create a multy-tenancy so that when a client logs in he will be redirected to the database that will be assigned to him.

is it more clear for you ?

do you have some tips ?


moderator Solution

There are multiple ways to do it what fits the best depends on things like: how much data will each tenant have? Does it need to be possible to backup / restore tenants separated?

One option is that you can add a tenant_id on the tables and filter all the results with a scope.

Another option is to have a database for each tenant. That means you need select the database for each request / command. This gives you more options but is also more complex to build.

There are multiple packages for tenancy available, maybe that can help. See:

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Solution selected by @driesvints

thank you very much thats help me a lot !


hello maverickjames21 can you guide me to the resources or videos used to learn the SaaS multitenancy subject frdly


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