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Last updated by @richardpillay 1 month ago.

Hello Richard, You are welcome to the Laravel world. it seems you have not yet set up a local mailing system. You will have to install Mailhog on your local environment and update your .env mailing variable.

I hope this helps. Cheers


I does, Jenkins, though only in a roundabout way. I didn't know about Mailhog, so I'll go and find it and install it now if it fits my environment. Problem is it helps only because I was worried about rate limits in case my ISP begins to suspect I'm sending spam. If it is what I think it is, it's going to allow me do all the testing I want without getting myself blacklisted, and it will also allow me to see what's getting to the SMTP server. I was sending to my live SMTP server, but of course I don't have any insight into what's happening there. I have a few other systems on my machine, all using SMTP with no issues, via my ISP. This issue that I'm having now is telling me that either I've mis-configured something because something is missing from the docs, or because I am misunderstanding something in the text. I've installed one of my production systems, a DMS, on my test system, and that has no problem sending mail via my ISP, so I know it's not environmental.

In the meantime, I've figured out that the mailer - like failover or roundrobin - contains the array which indicates what kind of transport to use - like SMTP or sendmail. But there is nothing in the config that was installed by Breeze that has smtp as a transport.

I figured that out just as I had run out of time and had to leave for work. Now that I'm back home I'll investigate that as a possibility that mail.php has something that needs re-arranging.


Hello Richard, are you on local evn. or on production ?


I'm in a Dev environment. I have the problem regardless of whether I run under Apache or the artisan server. Thanks to XDebug, I've managed to figure out that if I delete the url line from mail.php, it works perfectly. What I'm talking about is this:

` 'smtp' => [

        'transport' => 'smtp',
        'url' => env('MAIL_URL'), <<------
        'host' => env('MAIL_HOST', ''),
        'port' => env('MAIL_PORT', 2525),
        'encryption' => env('MAIL_ENCRYPTION', 'tls'),
        'username' => env('MAIL_USERNAME'),
        'password' => env('MAIL_PASSWORD'),
        'timeout' => null,
        'local_domain' => env('MAIL_EHLO_DOMAIN', parse_url(env('APP_URL', 'http://localhost'), PHP_URL_HOST)),


So, that seems to be a bug, but it's so obvious a bug and such a major bug, that I cannot see it ever leaving testing without being picked up. So since not a lot was done in terms of actual development, I'm going to commit everything to git, then delete everything and re-install from scratch. I figure I've done something wrong during installation. Especially likely since it's my first time ever with Laravel.

BTW - after doing a bit of reading, I ended up creating a free account on to do my mail testing. Works very well, and there's nothing to configure locally, so it's a very low-impact solution. Thank you very much for the Mailhog suggestion.

Last updated by @richardpillay 1 month ago.

Last post on the issue - it's a bug of sorts, in the sense that the config/mail.php file contains a line referring to MAIL_URL:

'url' => env('MAIL_URL'),

The example environment .env.example contains no matching entry, so I created one:

This is what was creating the problem. There is nothing in the documentation to guide you, but creating the entry makes it blow up. Removing it has email working like it's meant to be.

Thank you very much to those to took the time to reply and guide me. It is very much appreciated.

Now on to some tutorials and development...

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Replying for the updates.


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