Should I learn/use Laravel for a small project?

Ameer Hamza posted 11 months ago

Hi, I'm making a student management system for my semester project with three different logins (teacher,student,admin). I'm done with sql database and front end using html. I'm working on a hard deadline(7 days to be exact :/).

I have heard that php framework speed ups the development process.

Is laravel the right option for my project? Can I learn it in this limited time ? Any tutorials are highly appreciated.

David Valentino replied 11 months ago

hey goodluck in your project

my experience was

i used CodeIgniter before laravel hence i already familiar with MVC model then im starting to learn laravel

  • it took me day 1st-3rd to get used to the project directory structure of laravel
  • it took me day 1st-4th to get used to laravel CLI by terminal (consider 0 exp in CLI)
  • it took me day 1st-3rd to get familiar with laravel routing since its very different to CI

your 1st-3rd day is pain. but in day 7th i already made project. it needs around 7-14 days to master laravel (by master i mean u get very agile with it)

but i can say that 7 days of learning+making in laravel makes ur production faster than 7 days of making in codeigniter thanx to the MODEL in laravel

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