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Last updated by @tvbeek 1 year ago.
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Hello @shazam7734

I think it can be helpful to read the documentation about the query builder for more information.

I think this is what you want to have:

$surveys = DB::table('surveys')
    -->select('name', 'value')
    ->where('user_id', $user_id)
    ->orderBy('updated_at', 'DESC')
return view('home',['surveys'=>$surveys]);

PS. I have updated your post to make the codeblocks more readable.

Solution selected by @shazam7734

Thank you so much @tvbeek, that did the trick! I am curious how to create code blocks for making my code more readable :)


@shazam7734 I'm not sure if you can edit your first post to see the change.

But the difference is to use three ` and not one. A single one is for inline code and the use of three is for a block of code and also result in highlighting of the code.

I also place them on a separated line (before and after the code)

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