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It will take lots of time. Laravel framework and WordPress framework work in a different way

First of all, it is not an easy task to convert from one framework to another framework. As you said you are from WordPress background, You need to know how both of the frameworks work.

You should also consider converting the plugins used in your website. And it takes a lot of time to study, code, and all.

So consider it, are you ready to spend thousands of hours in coding, reading, testing, and debugging? If yes, then feel free to begin coding now or you can take help of expert Laravel developer or renowned Laravel development company


I am the Opposite new to WordPress coming from Laravel, Like @Susan Burling said, converting is not simple, especially when you have to convert plugins, So what I did was to run them side by side. I use the powerful Laravel API with passport to access Laravel data from Worpress. I also developed some apps that manipulate WordPress data from Laravel. I used Laravel as backend for WordPress Front End. this is an idea to get you started on working on Laravel while maintaining WorPress.


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