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Blade Database Views
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As you are here, probably you already decided to use Laravel, but before you start the actual coding I would suggest to answer yourself some questions in advance

  • What information I'm going to store and what are the relations between the different entities?
  • What database to use - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB...
  • Am I going to make a REST API with SPA in front?
  • Is this application for internal or public usage?
  • Do I care about design, user experience or I'm fine with the basics?

About your question

So what is the structure i should do and the process?

I'm not sure I completely understand your question but here are some tips, based on the Laravel projects I saw in the last couple of years.

This sounds as a relatively small application, so it shouldn't be over-engineered. I would follow the basics

  • Keep it simple
  • Use good understandable naming
  • Write tests - this will ensure your code is testable which will make it more readable
  • Do not make huge controllers with tons of business logic
  • First check what Laravel provides, before starting reinventing the wheel
  • Read this
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