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Expires header not set for images as designated in .htaccess

Hi! I am using Laravel 5.2 and Apache 2.4. I have created an .htaccess file in the /public/images di...

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Stateless Basic Authentication for some routes in Laravel 5.2

Does anyone knows how can I use a stateless basic authentication for some of my routes in Laravel 5?...

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posted 7 years ago

Problem updating Laravel 4.2 with composer (illuminate/hashing 5.2.25)

Hi there! I have a Laravel 4.2 -based application and today I tried to update it (I wanted to add a...

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Separate table for API users using onceBasic(). Is it possible?

Hi! Is it possible to use a different table for users that call my application's API than the ones t...

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replied 8 years ago

[Package] Laravel Authentication ACL Admin panel

Hi there! Nice package! Just a Does the authenticaton mechanism of this package works independenlty...


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