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Session cookie is valid even when it should be expired using lifetime setting

I noticed when calling resource using curl with cookie, Laravel will authenticate user even when ses...

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posted 8 years ago

Request::method() throws exception

Laravel documentation says I can use $method = Request::method(); to get request method (POST, GET,...

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posted 9 years ago

Repository function parameters, id vs object

Which is considered best practice, passing an object to repository function or object ID? class User...

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Exception in AJAX response

When working with AJAX method and "debug" set to "true", Laravel returns nice JS...

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posted 9 years ago

Queue with large data set

How do you add large amounts of messages to the queue? If I run Queue:push() in a loop it looks like...

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replied 9 years ago

Queue with large data set

awestrope said: Can you just queue the firing of the function and then when that queue job fires ru...


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