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Laravel 5.2 and AngularJS 2 csrf_token() generate null

I used Laravel 5.2 as backend API, and AngularJS 2 as front-end framework. Therefore, angular2 woul...

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Composer Not Update Properly

Hi, all I got a compose update error after added a service provider into app/config/app.php I added...

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posted 8 years ago

Pivot table seeding problem

Hi, I have a problem about seeding the pivot table. Hope anyone could help me to solve it, thanks. E...

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posted 8 years ago

Pass Variables to Master Blade

Hi, I am a newbie in Laravel, and I have a question about how to pass variable to a master blade pag...

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replied 8 years ago

Pass Variables to Master Blade

mejlo said: I got it. Thank you.


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