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posted 9 years ago

Validator : Greater than other field

Hi, I'm posting 2 inputboxes in my app which are both numeric. I want my validator to to this : if f...

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Changing database row without knowledge?

Hi, I'm devving a new app in Laravel 4, my first time with Laravel and so far i love it. But i am se...

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posted 9 years ago

Passing vars in extended blade template

Hi all, I have a generic template for my website, called "dashboard.blade.php". If i need...

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posted 9 years ago

Class 'form' not found?

Hi, I am new to Laravel 4 and trying some things... now i'm stuck at creating a very very basic form...

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replied 9 years ago

Class 'form' not found?

usm4n said: In case its version 4.3, Follow these instructions: add the following in the require s...


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