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Set cookie inside middleware

Hello, i created a middleware that check if there is a cookie, if there isn't it create it and retur...

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Save User data? session? cache? db?

Hello, i have web app using laravel, for each user there is permissions sets array and subscription...

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Load class instance from Console command - Trying to get property of non-object

Hello, i have a class that im trying to create new instance from it from console command, and im get...

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Call Controller function from within Controller with $request params

Hi, i have a Controller with a function : public function Upload(Request $request) { $file = $r...

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Lravel 5.3 - Password Reset with different user column names (username)

Hi, developed web application based on account with inner users for companies with staff. my users t...

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replied 6 years ago

Lravel 5.3 - Password Reset with different user column names (username)

yes i did this, now the user enter his user name, and i send him the link. the issue now that when i...


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