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"Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed" when caching a Collection

I'm trying to cache a collection. I thought it better to cache the collection, rather than an array...

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posted 7 years ago

How to get a collection that match a collection of tags (via a pivot table)?

I have an "articles" table and a "tags" table. Both are related in eloquent via...

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What happened to Laravel 5's out-of-the-box Authentication?

I've had a break from Laravel and returned to see release 5.1 is out which I'm sure can only be a go...

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How to merge two eloquent collections?

I have a questions table, and a tags table. I want to fetch all questions from tags of a given quest...

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posted 8 years ago

How to use View::addLocation for themes, and where to put this code?

I want to create a directory that contains themes (so alternative views, css, js etc). I'm using the...

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replied 8 years ago

CSS versions not being created in build dir by Elixir

OK, I think I got it now: elixir(function(mix) { // mix.phpUnit(); mix.less('app.l...

replied 8 years ago

If I wanted to create a simple library class (API client) in Laravel 5, where would I put it?

Thanks. Just wanted to check. I can create my own folders then. By the way if follow PSR-4 rules, no...


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