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posted 7 years ago

Any Laravel developers in Manchester?

Hi all I'm a Manchester based developer. I thought it would be nice to meet other Laravel developers...

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replied 7 years ago

How to define the size of the attachment

Are you talking about a file upload? What attachment? If it's a file upload then there is a validato...

replied 7 years ago

Random PHP parse errors on last line of random files

Try finding a way to replicate the error in a controlled matter. Move the project into a different s...

replied 7 years ago

How do i save input data into sessions variable ?

If you want to display the input values on another page before you proceed further with it you can u...

replied 7 years ago

Tick checkbox if record exists in related module.

The third argument in the form builder's checkbox method is the checked attribute. This $user_profil...

replied 7 years ago

Api with route parameters to scale down code. Class not found

Are you importing that class correctly? Categories is probably in some namespace, if it was a model...


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