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Multiple page templates

The scenario: User creates a new page. Once he writes the content, he has the option to select the d...

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posted 7 years ago

Laravel and Angularjs

Anyone knows of an open source project built with them together, or at least some resources to get m...

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posted 8 years ago

Codeception functional testing

When I test manually, everything works, but RegisterCept.php functional test just won't pass $I = ne...

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Multiple forms with same names on one page

So I have two forms on a single page. Login (email, password) and register (username, email, passwor...

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Homestead port

I'd like to use Homestead for a non-laravel project, just a simple sandbox if you will, that has a f...

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replied 7 years ago

Autocomplete textfield from DB

Create a route, that will get the appropriate data from DB depending on query, on frontend I'd sugge...

replied 7 years ago

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Route::get('/account/create', array('uses', => '[email protected]', 'as' => 'postCr...

replied 7 years ago ui enhancement suggestion/request. !== You should talk to Taylor himself on that matter.

replied 7 years ago

how to send value for options in dropdown list from array

$agents = Agent::lists($value, $key); // view {{ Form::select('agent_id', $agents) }}

replied 7 years ago

How to submit a class (found in a view)?

From my project: {{ Form::model($image, ['route' => ['admin.images.update', $image->id], 'meth...


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