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How to login authentication with saved encrypted data using file(basically digital certificate)

I want to login with a file that contains digital certificate of someone, first registers with certi...

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Is it possible to save additional attribute value(that comes from two many-many relationship table) in laravel4.2

Database Tables are jobseekers id | username | password | job_detail_jo...

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Laravel4.2 Query problems between three tables

Database Tables are employers id | username | password jobdetails id |...

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Foreign key insertion problem in qualification table using laravel 4.2

// qualification.php model <?php class Qualification extends \Eloquent { protected $fillable...

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replied 7 years ago

Authenticating Client using Client SSL Certificates

i also wanted to know about this....have you solved this....

replied 7 years ago

Laracast is DOWN!

it is not working yet, i can't submit a discussion....uff i need help...


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