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Custom scopes on many to many pivot table

I have a many to many relation between User and Task. The pivot table acts as an "Inbox" v...

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Variable `hostname` in Homestead.yaml

What's the purpose of the hostname in the config file and when does it matter what the value is? I'm...

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Custom Intermediate Table Models Why wo...

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Change PHP ini values when provisioning

What is the best way to change PHP ini values when provisioning a Homestead box? E.g. I want to chan...

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Event subscriber interface

Why isn't there an interface defined for an event subscriber, which defines the method subscribe($ev...

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replied 8 years ago

Migrate command is cancelled on Laravel 4.2.*?

What's the error message returned?

replied 8 years ago

Should I have to reload a relationship after an attach()?

Was just looking for the same thing ;) Try $this->load('roles') in your function after attaching...


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