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posted 4 years ago

Laravel 5.6 Regarding Database Transaction Concept

DB::beginTransaction(); //SQL Statement DB::commit(); Anything inside the SQL Statement does not lo...

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Cloudflare return error 520 due to cookie returning too many/too large headers

Laravel Version: 5.1.46 PHP Version: 7.0.19 Database Driver & Version: MySQL 5.6.20 Descriptio...

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set admin route proxy to subdomain in laravel 5.1

I would like to create, The URL router I am using is, I do n...

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homestead php session timeout setting

Where to set the PHP Session setting in homestead? I run normal php script, and I had set ini_set('s...

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posted 8 years ago

Query Builder Right Join Where Between condition

I am doing the below SQL, perfectly work in sql query client select `member_status`.`name`, COUNT(me...

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replied 5 years ago

No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid.

Some servers are using supervisor as the Queue Worker, you might need to restart it as well. I had r...

replied 6 years ago

Best way to work with custom messages & rules in L5.

Hi chrislentz, Are you sure public function messages() { return [ 'required' => ucwords(':a...

replied 7 years ago

homestead php session timeout setting

I think it is not related to gc_maxlifetime issue should be something cache issue. Anyone have simil...

replied 8 years ago

How to solve this with N+1 issue? Customer has a lot of activities, I want to take the latest one

why I want to take first, because I only want to take the latest activity date. and also one custome...

replied 8 years ago

create a custom route name in using Route resource

@serhatsabuncu, any idea? The video link is available.


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