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transactions not rolling back properly in tests

I found an interesting behavior while doing some integration tests using model factories. I set up t...

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parseParameterFilter() not being called for custom route filters?

I'm trying to create a route filter that will accept multiple parameters (got it working with one pa...

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foreign key not set up properly?

First, let me describe the conceptual behavior. I have two tables - a promotions table, containing t...

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checkboxes in form::model

I set up a migration to include a boolean value in my model (using the boolean() method). That trans...

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show language keys instead of values

In developing a client site, they would like to be able to control the localization copy used in the...

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6 years ago

transactions not rolling back properly in tests

Answer: my tables are MyISAM, not Innodb. MyISAM tables don't support transactions, and unfortunatel...

8 years ago

custom login filter not redirecting to calling page

My coworker pointed out that instead of Redirect::intended(); I should have put return Redirect::int...


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