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Laravel 7.30.4 : BelongsToMany problem

Since I made the Laravel 7.30 .4 update, when I make an eloquent BelongsToMany request, the results...

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posted 4 years ago

Function to check if user has data in multiples tables

I need to make a function witch can be called in a foreach loop such has : foreach($users as $user){...

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posted 5 years ago

Image Intervention package and ImageMagick

Hello, I wrote the following code to standardize the images of my photo gallery (so that they all ha...

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Laravel view cache not updated

Hello, Each change I made on blade files, I must clear the cache manually. (php artisan view:clear)...

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Database caching not working ?

Hello, I made a website that allow users to post pictures. Each user's page propore pulique his phot...

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replied 4 years ago

Function to check if user has data in multiples tables

Hi, I found a solution but is not very elegant : public function hasdata(){ $pages = $this->pages...

replied 7 years ago

Relationship understand problem

Hello, the only way in found is to make like this : $users = User::select('users.firstname', 'users....


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